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In Uzbekistan the forgotten genres of folklore revive, including a special pun song form such as Lapar Askiy. It is performed with music.

About this unique type of creativity researchers of the Uzbek folklore started talking again after the traditional "Tabassum-2014" festival. Then one of the oldest punsters of the country, eighty-years old citizen of Kokand Jorahan Polatovhas performed works with which in the thirties of last century his father acted.

- In our family everybody is punster therefore I can tell about this art so much, - Jorahan Polatov told. – Unfortunately, some forms of this type of folklore were forgotten. There were some people who own them. And our task is to impart knowledge to young generation.

- Disappearance of certain types of national creativity is natural process which is peculiar to cultures of various people of the world, - comments Mr. Mamatqul Jorayev, head of the Folklore department of the Language and Literature Institute named after Alisher Navoi. – In particular, Lapar Askiya began to be forgotten while radio, television, various devices started taking root into our life. Now still there are experts on this art form, it is necessary to revive it by them, at least, to leave records for future generations.

- Today records of works in genre of Lapar askiya didn't remain. It is possible to make it only on memory, - Jorahan Polatov speaks. – I well remember both texts, and music of these works. The father took me on performances during which I accompanied him on a tambourine.
Mr.Polatov is going to perform Lapar Askiya as it was done by his father. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare the partner: works of this genre are surely executed by duet. I couldn't ask the oldest punster of the country why he didn't perform it earlier? He answered: "It is a special type of the genre which works are traditionally performed by people with wide life experience. Now I approached to this boundary and is ready to act with Lapar askiya for pleasure to people around".

Anwar Berdiyev, "Uzbekistan today" newspaper

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