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Updated Version of the Website

We are happy to inform that the website was updated. In particular the changes were made to the design and contents. In addition to this, new versions of the website for mobile phones and tablets were created.

As a result of the work done, the following changes were made:

Design. The color scheme of the website was updated in order to meet the requirements of contemporary times and to improve readability of the website. As such three shades of one color were selected. Some of the sections of the website were either removed or changed. Alterations were also made to the top, middle and bottom parts of the page. Home page was divided into three parts. Background color and pattern as well as the banner were updated.

Updated List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. In addition the part associated with the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan was updated. In particular, the List of ICH was updated, the link for each element was added, the name for each ICH section was provided. Apart from that some new elements of ICH were introduced, which are currently under consideration of UNESCO.

Spell check. New spell check function was added. Now, any user can highlight the place, where he or she discovered an orthographic error, and with the help of combination of keys (Ctrl+Enter) can open a special window. In that window he or she can explain the nature of the orthographic error and send a message to the administrator of the website.

Versions for mobile phones and tablets. To make the website user-friendly new versions of the website for mobile phones and tablets were introduced. And only the most necessary sections of the website are to be found in these versions.

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