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Bakhshi Art

Bakhshi is a narrator of folk epic (doston), who combines in himself the art of word (story-telling), music, singing and acting skills. He is the person, who, through his art, transmits and presents dostons, the greatests works of the people. He is master and improvisator of words and stories, skillful musician (skillfully plays on certain musical instrument) and singer (possesses the skills of traditional singing), who can accompany his performance with mimicry and plastique. Bakhshi should be familiar with the way of life of the own nation, its culture and history.

He should have a rich vocabulary, masterly use all forms of folk language (wordplays and various forms of words). Main requirements for the performers of dostons are: to provoke listener's interest with own tunes; to narrate the story (i.e. epic) in an interesting and attracting manner. These, in turn, require that bakhshi-shoir constantly improves his skills (which emerge from his natural talent and perception of the world, creative fantasy and subjective imagination).


Karim bakhshi Otamurodov – Oshiq Garib (Amorous Garib)

Karim bakhshi Otamurodov – Oshiq Makhmud (Amorous Makhmud)

Sanjar Bakhshi Chubaev – Alpomish (Alpamysh)

Bakhtiyor Ortiqov – Alpomish (Alpamysh)

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