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Festival of Silk and Spices

The traditional festival of silk and spices passed in Bukhara. Handicraftsmen from all areas of the country have demonstrated their production on it.

In fact it is not incidentally that Bukhara was the venue for festival directed on demonstration of ancient types of crafts – embroidery, gold sewing, carving wood and ganch, jewellery and pottery, rug weaving, production of knifes. Unique historical and cultural monuments, national traditions and values available here cause admiration, surprise and pride.

The fair-sale of silk production and spices took place within the action. Presentations of Bukhara schools of stamping, miniature, gold sewing, smithy and master-classes of skillful weavers of carpets, atlas and adras have causedgreat interest. Demonstrations of young designers'collections, performances of folklore groups took place there, as well as national games have been shown.


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