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Navruz through the Camera Lens

Scores of beautiful images of spring in Uzbekistan and its people by experienced and up-and-coming photographers have gone on view at an art show celebrating Navruz holiday at the Tashkent House of Photography.

The leading photographers, Abdugani Jumayev Vladimir, Shlosberg, Rustam Sharipov, Vladimir Goncharenko, Rustam Shagayev, Sultonboy Dehkanov, and Husniddin Atoyev presented their works that capture famous scenes of the preparation of sumalak, festive dastarkhans and, of course, awesome shades of blooming nature. The exhibition also features the best works by young authors Lilia Akhsanova, Gayane Avanesyan and Yevgeniy Ten.

"Navruz is a special holiday and there's so much warmth and kindness to capture. The exhibition helps me to convey my sense of this ancient holiday," says Lilia Akhsanova. "Recently, I was accepted to the photo-section of the Creative Union of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. It is an important and crucial moment of my life. Later, after my graduation, I want to continue this path as I want to become a professional photographer."

"The exhibition features a variety of genres, from portraits to photo reports, and I am happy with the growing skills of its participants," says Vladimir Sokolov. "Of course, all the participants are mostly inspired by the advent of spring, by Navruz. I also go to the mountains when the weather becomes serene and warm and spend plenty of time looking for beautiful places, to capture the unique parts of Uzbekistan in my photos."

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