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The Tashkenbaevs – a Family Dynasty of Dorbozes (rope walkers)

Dorbozlik is the spectacular performance on the high-mounted rope and one of the genres of circus art. The practitioners of this art genre demonstrate their skill in balancing under different circumstances.

The art of rope walking emerged some 2,5 thousand years ago in the East and then spread around the world. In olden times the ropes were not mounted very high and the exercises as well as stunts were relatively simple. But with the lapse of time rope walking evolved significantly and the ropes began to be mounted on a much higher height. Since the XVIII century it began to be performed in circus arena and became integral part of circus art.

Great is the contribution made by the family dynasty of dorbozes (rope walkers) from Asaka, the Tashkenbaevs (Tashkenbay Egamberdiev), who did a lot to continue the traditions of Uzbek rope walkers and to develop this art in the XX century.


The Tashkenbaevs

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