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Yunus Rajabiy

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Berta Davydova

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Viktor Uspensky

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Mukarram Turhunboeva


Domain: Performing Arts
Index Number: 02.01


Maqom and maqomat (the science of maqom) is the phenomenon of spiritual culture of Cenral Asia and more generally – of the people of the East. Though, its artistic and historical value can be felt much beyond the region, where it was widely spread. As a highly developed musical genre, throughout many centuries of its existence, it became a key component in defining the idea of classical music of the East. Maqom is art and philosophic belief, which encourages spiritual nourishment and self-perfection, contemplation and enjoyment of heavenly beauty, which is expressed through sounds of music and poetry.

For the people of the East it became national artistic heritage, which in many ways reflects ethnic mentality. Maqomat of Uzbekistan, at present, includes maqom cycles of "Shashmaqom", "Khoresm maqoms", "Ferghana-Tashkent maqoms", local maqom cycles, instrumental and vocal maqom pieces as well as maqom pieces of bastakors (composers). Each of these has its own peculiarities and performance styles.

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