Yunus Rajabiy Berta Davydova Viktor Uspensky Mukarram Turhunboeva
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Yunus Rajabiy

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Berta Davydova

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Viktor Uspensky

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Mukarram Turhunboeva

Council of Ministers, Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, khokimiyats (municipalities or public authorities) and administrations for cultural and sports affairs of regions, cities and districts

These organizations coordinate the activities of local bodies on the issues of safeguarding and development of ICH on site, i.e. development of local lists (inventories) of ICH, making inventory and database of ICH of all regions of Uzbekistan.

They also deal with regional and local activities/events, local funding, programmes and projects on preservation of intangible cultural heritage. The Law stipulates that "public authorities on sites, within the mandates, granted to them, identify and keep records, organize preservation and use of objects of cultural heritage, which are located in their territories, ensure execution of law on safeguarding and use of objects of cultural heritage, involve local self-government bodies of citizens and public associations in the measures aimed at their safeguarding preservation, popularization and use."

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